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Housing loan with a fixed interest rate

Housing loan with a fixed interest rate

Plan your dream home with confidence and ease! We offer you a housing loan with a fixed interest rate of 3.50% for the first 5 years and:

  • Repayment period up to 30 years
  • Preliminary approval
  • No application processing fee
  • No collateral valuation fee
  • No fee for preparing of documents for mortgage registration

          *Promotional conditions until 31.12.2023

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Steps in the application process

1. Fill in and submit the application form

It is important for us to understand more about the financing you are seeking in order to make you an offer.

2. We will give you a call

Expect a call from our team.

3. Contract signature

Online contract signature via the Evrotrust mobile app.

4. Remittance of the approved loan amount

The loan will be paid into your ProCredit Bank account after the contract being signed.


Useful information

Useful information
  • Financing up to 80% of the market value of the property


  • Loan term and currency - up to 30 year in BGN and EUR


  • No need to take out life insurance


  • Fully online process – from submitting the request to signing the loan agreement.



For Housing loan the amount of BGN 220 000 with salary transfer and a loan period of 20 years, fixed annual interest rate for the first 5 years 6-month EURIBOR + 1.90 p.p., min. 3,50%, application processing fee BGN 100, creditworthiness assessment fee BGN 330: equal monthly installments BGN 1107.49 for the first 5 years, total amount due (principal, interest and fees) EUR 339 444.71. Annual percentage rate of charge (APRC) - 3.84%.

Our clients about us

I have received very good terms and service from the bank. Thanks to the fixed rate for the next five years I will have peace of mind that my interest rate will not be changed, as well the monthly installments.

Vanya Krasimirova


Due to the online submission of the loan request and signing of the documents, I saved a lot of time.

Radoslav Petrov