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Instalment loan


An instalment loan is eligible for enterprises, which want to invest on their extension, increasing their assets or simply to provide additional working capital requirements for current facilities. The absorption of loan is one-time and the repayment is according to a plan, which is prepared by one of our client advisors. The joint preparation of the amortization table allow you to determinate the moment of receiving the funds and the amount of the instalment that suits in the best way for your business needs and your possibility of repayment. 


For Working Capital:
  • Introduce new products
  • Finance working capital gaps due to delayed receivables
  • Finance payments to suppliers and subcontractors

For Investments:

  • Acquire or replace machinery, equipment and transportation vehicles
  • Acquire or build administrative, production and commercial buildings
  • Renovate administrative, production or commercial buildings
  • Based on a loan amortisation schedule of monthly instalments, including interest and principal
  • Seasonal businesses (such as agriculture or tourism) can opt for an individual loan amortisation schedule