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The adventure begins with a VISA Credit Card

For your online payments, car rental, flight ticket purchase and hotel reservations

  • Win one of three vouchers worth BGN 2,000 for a trip to a dream destination. Participate by applying for a credit card and making at least 10 payments between 04/01/2024 and 06/30/2024*
  • Annual fee and issuance fee - BGN 0
  • A credit limit up to BGN 20,000
  • Completely online process
  • Special discounts
  • *See terms and conditions here.

Steps in the application process

1. Fill in and submit the application form

It is important for us to understand more about the financing you are seeking in order to make you an offer.

2. We will give you a call

Expect a call from our team.

3. Contract signature

Online contract signature via the Evrotrust mobile app.

4. Get your card

We will deliver your card to an address that is convenient to you.


Follow your wanderlust with a Credit Card from ProCredit Bank

Useful information
  • Win one of three vouchers worth BGN 2,000 for a trip to a dream destination.


  • Join the game by applying for a credit card and making at least 10 payments at a POS terminal or when shopping online.


  • Participants can be new and current customers of ProCredit Bank with a newly issued credit card during the campaign period - 04/01/2024 – 06/30/2024.  The current clients must not use credit card at ProCredit Bank at the beginning of the game. Winners will be drawn by 07/15/2024.


  • See full terms and conditions here.





  • Validity of the card and the limit - 6 years


  • Grace period 45 days


  • You have access to funds anywhere in the world at any time


  • Minimum repayment installment


  • 5% of outstanding amount


  • Option to choose a card in BGN or EUR


  • Card with revolving credit limit - after each repayment you can use the funds again


  • Ability to pay in your own funds that you have above the allocated credit limit


  • No interest charged for purchases made at merchants if repaid in full by the due date of the account statement



Our clients about us

I am satisfied that everything is handled online at ProCredit Bank. I've had a credit card for 8 years, always been able to rely on it for travel abroad and spare funds for online purchases.

Kaloyan Andreev


Frequently asked questions

On the 26th of every month, you will receive a statement with information on the amount due. The payment deadline is the 5th of the following month. Within this period, you have the option to pay the utilised amount or a minimum repayment instalment of 5% of the credit limit of your card.

Note that you have 15 calendar days after the due date to make the minimum payment or repay your entire outstanding balance.

The amount due on your credit card can be seen in your ProCredit Bank Internet Banking account, “Cards” menu. There you will find information about your total credit limit, amount used, remaining limit and available amount.

You can block your card quickly and easily through our internet banking platform. Select the “Maps” menu and the “Block/enable” option. If you later find your card, you can reactivate it the same way.

If it has been stolen or you can't find it, you can arrange to have it reissued via the “Maps” menu and the “Reissue” option.

The grace period is up to 45 days.