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Interest Bulletin

Interest Bulletin

Interest bulletin for Deposits and Accounts

Annual interest rate for Current account (for all currencies) – 0.00%*

Annual interest rate for FlexSave account

Currency Interest Rate
BGN / EUR 0.15%


Annual interest rates for Standard Term Deposits

Currency Min. amount 3 months 6 months 12 months
EUR/USD 50 000
0.25%* 0.50%* 0.75%*

* In case of prematurity withdrawal а fee in accordance with the Tariff for Legal Entities and General Terms and Conditions for Payment Services will be charged.

All interest rates are annual and accrued on basis 365/360 days.

The following items are negotiated individually:

  • Interest rates for companies with balance more than EUR 100 000 on their bank accounts.
  • Deposit terms and conditions for financial institutions 

For clients with savings and no current account, after 01.01.2018 on maturity date, the deposited funds will start accruing interest at an interest rate of 0%.

Interest bulletin for Loans

Loans to business clients and agricultural producers

Financing Interest Rates
Loans upon agreement
Credit card (BGN/EUR) 17%
Credit card with cash collateral (BGN/EUR) 10%

*All interest rates are annual and accrued on basis 365/360 days.