Visa Business Debit


  • Contactless payments for amount up to BGN 100;
  • You shop for goods and services with no additional charge in shops throughout Bulgaria, abroad or on the Internet;
  • You get free registration for ProCredit Bank’s online banking service - ProB@nking;
  • You can access your company’s funds at all times, without having to carry cash with you;
  • Every purchase made with VISA is recorded - allowing you to keep close control of transactions made using the card;
  • You save time by automatically paying your company’s electricity, phone, water, Internet and other bills without the need to visit a branch of the bank;
  • You can control your funds using our online banking service: ProB@nking - you can order cash withdrawals, as well as keep track of all movements on your business account;  
  • On your request an additional card can be issued to an employee with a credit limit set by you. This is suitable for companies involved in haulage, transportation services, wholesalers, etc.; 
  • Card services are available in all ProCredit Bank branches in Bulgaria, guaranteeing peace of mind and quick customer service;
  • On request you can take advantage of an overdraft;
  • Visa Electron payWave cards are fitted with a chip, which gives added protection from abuse.

Only you can authorise transactions made with the card by entering your PIN.

Visa Business Debit

VISA Business Debit issued by ProCredit Bank Bulgaria is an international debit card widely used around the world. VISA is accepted in all major trade centres and in most supermarkets, petrol stations, etc. With your VISA Business Electron payWave debit card you can simplify your company’s cash withdrawals and pay for goods and services from suppliers all over the world.


Currency       BGN or EUR
Issue period       3 working days
Card validity       6 years
Limits and fees      In accordance with our  Full Terms and Conditions

How to pay contactless with VISA Business Electron payWave?

  • At the POS terminal or another prominent place in the premises look for a sign for contactless payment


  • After the cashier enter the amount of the purchase bring your card to the specified location with the symbol of POS terminals;
  • The terminal has audible and light signal after the transaction is completed;
  • If the purchase is up to BGN 50, PIN code entering is not required;
  • No signature is required regardless the amount.

Safety Recommendations

Safety recommendations for using ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) cards at ATMs:

  • For preference use an ATM located in a bank branch;
  • When entering your PIN, cover the keyboard with your other hand and do not allow others to watch you;
  • Remember to remove your card from the ATM slot after the operation;
  • If you notice anything suspicious while using the ATM, you can stop the operation by pressing the CANCEL key;
  • If you are using an ATM abroad, make certain that the  logo, which also appears on your card, is displayed on the ATM;
  • If the ATM withholds your card, contact the issuing bank or BORICA (National Credit/Debit Card Payment Organisation) immediately. Contact phone numbers are listed on the ATM;
  • Do not trust anyone who offer to help you or who asks you to repeat the operation by re-entering your PIN code.

Safety recommendations for using ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) cards on the Internet:

  • Look for this icon  if it is displayed on the site it means that it has been verified by the international card organisation, making it more secure;
  • Do not make payments from public access computers;
  • Do not leave the card number or any other personal data near your computer and do not store them in documents, files, etc.;
  • Do not give your personal or card data to anyone; this will help avoid abuse when making online payments;
  • Do not enter your PIN – when making payments online it is the CVC which needs to be entered (printed on the back of the card itself).

Recommendations for keeping your PIN and bank card safe

Personal identification Number (PIN) security

  • Your PIN should be kept secret; you need it to access your funds. No one else should know your PIN;
  • It is best to memorise your PIN – do not write it down or give it to another person;
  • Do not keep your card and PIN together;
  • If you decide to change your PIN, do not choose consecutive numbers or numbers which are easy to guess, such as birthdays, your phone number, your car registration, etc.

How to keep your banking card safe?

Protect your card from physical damage such as bending, breaking, scratching, and keep it dry.


CONTACT TELEPHONE NUMBERS in case of difficulties with your ProCredit Bank card:

Contact Centre phone number: *7000 or 0700 1 70 7; for contact us from abroad: +359700 1 70 70 or +35928135100+ 359 (0) 700 170 70 or *7000

Card Payments Department phone number: +359 (2) 813 5261; 813 5262; 813 5727;

BORICA: +359 (2) 970 26 00