Internet Banking

Internet banking

As an innovative institution, ProCredit Bank strives to offer its clients the best service.

In line with this aim, our new online banking platform combines up-to-date design, new functionalities and top-rate security.

This enable our clients to perform all banking operations faster and easier, while saving them time and money. 


  • Advanced system with a high level of security
  • Confirm transfers with an SMS code

Speed and low cost

  • Save time by doing your banking online
  • Carry out transfers at a lower cost and with no additional registration or maintenance fees


  • Do your banking from any device with an Internet connection - no need to install additional apps or certificates
  • Adaptable design - easy and convenient to use on all devices (laptop, tablet or mobile phone)




  • You can order all kinds of transfers in local and foreign currency
  • Effect mass payments - payroll, payments to suppliers and to the budget by using a ready-made file


  • Status, expiry date, accounts balance of your cards
  • Repayment schedule, interest rate, fees, outstanding amount and other information about your loans
  • Your deposit and FlexSave accounts - amount, term, interest rate, maturity date and etc.
  • Important notifications from the bank

Requests / Applications

  • Manage your bank cards - activation, blocking, request issuing
  • Opening of current, deposit and saving accounts
  • Send various types of documents to the bank - applications, declarations etc.