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Overdraft and Credit Line


If you need additional working capital from time to time, you can take advantage of our overdraft and credit line facilities. Access amounts within the approved credit limit whenever you need extra funds and only pay interest on the amount used.

An overdraft is a service attached to your current account, which makes meeting your business’ current financing needs more convenient by making a certain amount available to you beyond the funds in your account. The overdraft amount is set according to your company’s turnover. The amount of overdraft funds used is automatically reduced when funds are received or deposited into the account.

A credit line is a service that can be used to finance your current business activities without having to apply for loans again and again during the course of the year. Once a credit limit has been approved, funds are available at the client’s request. A request is simply submitted by the client and the required funds are deposited into the respective current account.

  • Expansion of product lines
  • Implementation of new products
  • Payment of obligations to suppliers and subcontractors
  • Financing of working capital gaps due to delayed collection of receivables from clients and state institutions
  • Refinancing of current obligations
  • A financing agreement is signed with a 5-year term. The business’ financial situation and use of the service are reviewed by the bank on an annual basis
  • A credit limit is made available in the company’s current account
  • Monthly interest is calculated for the amount used beginning from when the funds are actually accessed
  • A monthly commitment fee is paid for the unused amount