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Framework agreement


A framework agreement with ProCredit Bank will guarantee you both flexibility and stability. Signing a long-term framework agreement, you will have a credit limit you can use within a time frame of up to 120 months in the form of different types of loans: instalment loans, overdrafts, agricultural loans, bank guarantees, etc. A framework agreement only requires one overall limit approval. In this way, we aim to ensure long-term financial support for your businesses depending on your specific needs.



  • Quick processing and no bureaucracy - financial analysis of the company is conducted once per year
  • Fewer costs, less time and effort as collateral is only registered once
  • Flexibility - possibility to use various services more than once within a single contract
  • Interest optimisation - interest is only due for the amount used
Approved limit EUR 300 000
Validity 120 months
Approved credit services within the limit
  • Investment loans
  • Working capital loans, credit lines and overdrafts
  • Bank guarantees
Amounts disbursed upon signing
  • EUR 150,000 to buy a production facility.
    Term for repayment: 84 months
  • EUR 80,000 to pay current obligations to suppliers.
    Term for repayment: 36 months 
Interest rate Interest due shall be calculated on outstanding amonths 
Situation after time has elapsed

Provided that no other amounts have been requested since signing the agreement, the situation would be as follows:

Time elapsed since the initial use of funds Outstanding amonth Available for use
12 months EUR 186 482 EUR 113 517 
24months EUR 140 573 EUR 159 426