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Stopping maintenance of ProB@nking for Windows XP and Windows Vista


Dear clients,

Please be informed that Windows XP and Windows Vista computers are high-risk and potentially vulnerable to malicious access and computer viruses. Microsoft has stopped the support for these systems. More information you can see on Windows XP/Windows Vista.


To find out what is your currently used operating system, please:

1. Select the Start menu on your computer or go to Desktop
2. Right-click on My Computer icon
3. Select the Properties submenu
4. In the General menu of the System section, you can see information about the operating system you are using


As of March 5, 2018, the access to ProCredit Bank's Internet banking system would not be possible for users who use the following operating systems:

1) Windows XP
2) Windows Vista

You need to upgrade operating system to a more up-to-date version in order to continue using ProCredit Bank's Internet Banking.



ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) EAD