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ProCredit Bank awarded the IT Manager of the Year prize


ProCredit Bank is a development-oriented commercial bank which strives to provide excellent service to bothSMEs and private clients.

In 2014, considering the role of new technologies in business, ProCredit Bank initiated a grand scale concept throughout its entire branch network to relocate its cash desk activities to self-service zones. So far, 46 locations with 24/7 Zones have been established. They are equipped with modern machines which give clients access to the most common banking operations. The outcome is that all cash operations of ProCredit Bank have been transferred from the cash desks to the self-service zones.

The awarding of the IT Manager of the Year prize in the “efficiency” category to Georgi Georgiev, IT Manager at ProCredit Bank, is an acknowledgement of the effectiveness of the concept. The prestigious prize is awarded by the European CIO Association and was personally conferred at the ceremony by the organisation’s Chairman of the Board, Mr Freddy Van den Wyngaert.    

The prize was awarded at a formal ceremony, which took place on 7 December at Sofia Hotel Balkan.

“I would say that we can hardly talk about IT challenges as separate issues, since the boundary between IT and business no longer exists. However, the challenges were mainly related to the integration of the solutions. This was because the machines in the self-service zones were provided by different suppliers, and moreover, the delivery of the equipment is only the beginning of the range of tasks to be carried out in such a project. The integration of the software accompanying the equipment with the information systems of the bank was of great significance,” Georgi Georgiev commented on the concept implementation.

The purpose of the IT Manager of the Year award is to distinguish CIOs who have contributed to business development through the effective use of information technology and to highlight the important role that IT Managers play in companies.

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