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Changes in the Price Lists for Legal Entities and Private Individuals as of 01.04.19


Dear clients, 

We would like to inform you of the following changes in the Price Lists for Private Individuals and Legal Entities:

1. Minimum Balance on Current Accounts of Private Individuals

As of 01.04.2019, a minimum balance on current accounts of Private Individuals is introduced, amounting to 6 monthly fees as follows:

- Active current account - BGN 60;

- Passive current account - BGN 24.

2. Blocking and Changing Limit on Debit and Credit Cards (Private Individuals and Legal Entities)

As of 01.04.2019 blocking and unblocking of bank cards will be possible through ProBanking free of charge. For unblocking of card made at a branch of the bank, the fee is changed from BGN 10 to BGN 30.

3. Providing account statements via e-mail

We would like to remind you that via the Internet Banking System - ProBanking you have free access to the statements on your accounts.

The service providing email statements is terminated effective from 01.04.2019. A fee of BGN 30 is introduced to receive a statement at the request of Private individuals at a branch of the bank.

4. Fee for non-fulfillment of additional conditions (Private Individuals)

As of 15.04.2019. a fee for non-fulfillment of additional conditions set in loan agreements for private individuals is introduced to the amount of BGN 200.



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