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Changes in the Price Lists for Legal Entities and Private Individuals and Conditions for Payment services as of 01.01.19


Dear clients,

We would like to inform you that as of 01.01.2019 the following changes in the Price Lists for Private Clients and Legal Entities and the General terms and conditions for payment services will come into force:

1. SMS notifications will be no longer offered for:

  • currency exchange rates
  • account balance
  • transfers received – only for private clients

 2. The fee for legal entities is changed from BGN 0.15 to BGN 0.30 for SMS notification of:

  • transfers received
  • utility payments
  • authorization of transactions

 SMS notifications of received transfers will be sent once a day, as 1 SMS will contain information about the total amount of all received transfers by the client for the day.

3. Fee of BGN 0.30 is introduced for private clients and legal entities for SMS notification of:

  • repayment instalment
  • overdue instalment on a loan/credit card
  • minimum repayment instalment on a credit card
  • authorization of transactions with a credit card

SMS notifications of repayment instalment will be sent 2 days before the day of the instalment/s. If the client has repayment instalment/overdue instalment on more than one loan on one day, information about all client’s obligations will be sent in 1 SMS.

4. The following documents in menu “Other services” in the internet banking system - ProB@nking will be sent to the bank without confirmation with SMS TAN:

  • Cash deposit by cash collection
  • Request for new debit card
  • Request for reissuing of debit card
  • Request to install POS terminal
  • Request– deletion of collateral, insurances.

 5. Monthly fee for SMS TAN – BGN 10 is introduced for clients generated more than 100 SMS TANs per month.

Aiming to make communication with clients more efficient, ProCredit Bank /Bulgaria/ is developing the option all messages provided via SMS to be sent free of charge via e-mail.

We would also like to remind you that the information about currency exchange rates, account balance/movement and repayment instalments on loans is available free of charge in the internet banking system - ProB@nking.

More information you can receive by contacting us on *7000 or 0700 1 70 70.


ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) EAD