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Changes in the Price List for Legal Entities and Private Individuals as of 01.08.17


Dear clients,

We would like to inform you that as of 01.08.2017 the following changes in the Price Lists for Private Individuals and legal Entities will come into force:  


1. We offer the service Fixed automatic transfer for basic operations payment accounts, pursuant to Art. 73t of the Law on Payment Services and Payment Systems for private individuals, as follows:

  •  interbank transfer - BGN 0.99
  •  intrabank transfer - BGN 0.49


2. A change in the fee for issuance of bank guarantees - for a quarter of a part of it, as follows:

  •  up to EUR 25,000 - EUR 50
  •  over EUR 25,001 - 0.20%


3. A change in the fees for disbursement, management and commitment for legal entity loans - 1.00%.


4. A fee is introduced for processing of financing framework agreement for legal entities - 0.25%.


For detailed information you can contact us on Tel. *7000 or 0700 1 70 70.


Best regards,

ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) EAD