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photovoltaic installation

Loan for photovoltaic installation

  • Interest rate 3.95%
  • Term up to 7 years
  • Fully online process


5000.00 BGN 100000.00 BGN
60 months
6 months 84 months

Monthly installment 0 BGN / month

Total amount due 0 BGN

Annual percentage rate of charge (APRC) 0 %

APRC 0 %

Interest rate 3.95 %

*Annual percentage rate of charge

Creditworthiness assessment fee fixed 300.00 BGN
Monthly account service fee 10.00 BGN
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3. Contract signature

Online contract signature via the Evrotrust mobile app.

4. Remittance of the approved loan amount

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Useful information

Useful information

A photovoltaic installation produces electricity during the day when there are typically not many electrical consumers in a household. It is therefore standard practice for the household to also invest in a battery to store electricity. The larger the capacity of the battery, the longer it will provide electricity, but it also increases the amount of the investment.


In case you need recommendations for PV contractors, you can take a look at our partners here.


For a project with the establishment of a company to sell the electricity, please take a look at the PV Installation Loan in the section "For Companies".


Note: ProCredit Bank is monitoring the situation with the allegations of forced labour of Uyghurs in the Xinjiang region of China. For this reason, we have currently restricted the work with certain PV panel manufacturers and this will be discussed with you during your investment review.

Frequently asked questions

Our observations show that for a 5-member household in a house, a 3 kilowatt PV installation and a 5.8 kilowatt-hour battery in a single-phase installation is suitable.

In case your house has more electrical consumers, you are likely to have a three-phase electrical system. This requires a different type of equipment and the connection of more batteries, which is reflected in a higher amount of the investment.

The standard timeframes in which the system is expected to operate without problems are: photovoltaic modules - 15 years product warranty / 25 years performance warranty up to 85%; inverters - 5 years; lithium ion batteries - 10 years.

Since the batteries will be discharged and recharged daily, you need to choose the right technology - lithium ion batteries are appropriate. They have an expected life cycle of over 6000 charges.