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Internet payment protection

Internet payment protection

The 3D secure code service provides additional safety for online card payments. All cards issued by ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) EAD participate in the VISA Secure programme.

The Visa secure logo will be visualized also on the websites of all participating merchants. These sites will require 3D passwords to be submitted when making online payments.
For internet merchants not participating in the Visa secure programme, no 3D secure code will be required.

All bank cards issued by ProCredit Bak (Bulgaria) EAD are automatically enrolled in the VISA Secure programme.

Appropriate for all cards issued by ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) EAD
Password Payments are verified with two passwords:
- Static (constant) – may be defined by the cardholder
- Dynamic (one-time password) – will be sent via SMS and is valid for the particular payment
Aim An additional tool for protection and identification when paying online at merchants, participating in the Visa secure programme.
Fees Please see the Bank’s price list 

In accordance with the European Payment Directive PSD2 requirements, ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) EAD introduces for its clients application of two cardholder’s identification elements - static (permanent) password and dynamic (one-time) password. 

Тhe static password is automatically and randomly generated and provided with the PIN envelope.
The dynamic password is sent via SMS and is valid for а particular online payment.

Static password:

All cards are issued with static password, delivered in an envelope along with the PIN. This password may be used as it is, to verify online payments. Upon customer’s desire it may be changed at any time by visiting Card section in your Internet banking and performing the follwoing steps:   

1-st screen

Enter the full card number and press the “Continue” button

2-nd screen

While loading the next page, an automatically generated SMS, containing 6-digits dynamic (one-time) password, will be sent to the phone number, registered in the bank system.
Fill in the passwords as per the instructions below and press the “Continue” button

3-rd screen

Create a new static password. The password must contain at least 6 characters. They may be of the same type, like numbers only, for example.
Confirm the new static password
Choose a language from the menu
Enter a personal message
Press the “Save” button
It customizes the page and will be visualized each time when you pay to a legitimate website


In case you submitted all data correctly, you will see the following message:


Dynamic password:

The dynamic password is a one-time password and it sent via SMS to a mobile phone number, registered in the Bank. The password contains 6 digits. The phone number, registered for SMS, may be updated at any time via the Internet Banking System.

Frequently asked questions: 

Question: What is 3D password?
Answer: According to the requirements of the European Payment Directive, all internet payments must be verified by two factors - static and dynamic password. Passwords provide additional security when paying online, commonly referred to as 3D passwords.

Question: Can I pay online without any passwords?
Answer: All cards issued by ProCredit Bank participate in the Visa Secure programme. The two passwords will be required for online payments at internet merchants, who are also registered in the Visa secure programme. Some internet merchants are not registered in this programme and the transactions can be completed without passwords. 

Question: What if I don’t change the static password in the PIN envelope?
Answer: The automatic randomly generated password allows online card payment and it is not necessary to be changed. Should you desire to do so, you can change it from Card section in your Internet banking.

Question: Is the 3D password same as PIN?
Answer: The static password is different from the PIN. The static password is used for verification of online (internet) payments, and the PIN is used for verification of payments on ATM and POS devices.

Question: What should the static password contain?
Answer: The static password must contain at least 8 characters – letter, number and a special symbol.  

Question: A “personal message” is required for creation on the new static password creation screen. What is its purpose?
Answer: The personal message will be visualized always on the last page of payment verification – where the two passwords are entered. The personal message visualization guarantees the legitimacy of the website where you enter your passwords.

Question: What if I forgot my newly changed static password?
Answer: You can send a request via Internet banking for generation of new static password. The Bank will provide you with a temporary static password, valid for 24 hours. You need to change it with your own new static password via Card section in your Internet banking.

Question: What if I entered my password wrongly and/or I blocked my card?
Answer: Each password can be submitted wrongly 3 times maximum. Following that the card will be blocked automatically for payments on the internet only. To unblock, submit a request via Internet banking.