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Daily banking accounts

  • Fully digital account opening
  • Free VISA debit card
  • An easy way to receive and manage your income
  • You save time on paying utility bills, etc.

Choose the account that’s best for you

ProGreen account

An account in BGN or EUR with a single monthly fee for all services, it helps to care for nature and supports green projects.

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ProGreen account
  • Biodegradable Visa Debit Card
  • Special discounts
  • Mobile and internet banking
  • Free transfers in BGN
  • Instant Blink payments
  • Free utility bill payments
  • Free withrawals at ATMs in Bulgaria and contries in EEA
  • Free deposits and withdrawals in the 24/7 zones
  • Free payments at POS terminals
  • FlexSave savings account
  • FlexFund overdraft or Credit card
  • The funds in ProGreen account support green investments

Monthly fee: 10.00 BGN

Transactional account

Transactional account If you prefer online banking, you want everything to be easy and clear, and want to save time and money.

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Transactional account

Monthly fee: 0.00 BGN

Generation Z account

The new design is bold, bright and fun, made especially for Jen Z. Say "YES" to freedom.

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Generation Z account
  • Visa Debit Card
  • Mobile and internet banking
  • 3 free ATM withdrawals in Bulgaria and countries in EEA
  • Free internet transactions
  • Instant Blink payments
  • Free payments at POS terminals
  • FlexSave savings account
  • Special discounts
  • Shopping discounts
  • The account is available for new clients between 18 and 25 years old

Monthly fee: 1.50 BGN

Steps in the application process

1. Fill in and submit the form

Choose the appropriate account for you

2. Sign your contract

Download the Evrotrust app to enable us to identify you and send you the contract for signature

3. Get your card

We will deliver your card to an address that is convenient to you

Additional information

Additional information

All accounts are opened exclusively online by signing the requisite documents in Evrotrust. The process is expedient and takes only a few minutes.


Our VISA debit card gives you all the flexibility you need. Please see our safety recommendations for operating ProCredit Bank's banking cards. We use 3D Secure technology so that you can safely shop online.


You will receive a free FlexSave account with each account. Your FlexSave account allows you to manage your money more efficiently through your check-in account and the online banking facility. The money deposited in it provides an extra layer of security and can be used for planned future investment or in case of emergency expenditure.


Our clients about us

Expeditious account opening, no time wasted, no waiting in queue at the bank.

Kalin Dimitrov


The online banking facility is very convenient and practical. Money transfers are very fast. Tracking account movements is really easy. My profile contains information about all services that I use.

Mariya Stankova


I have been a client of the Bank for 8 years. I have never been disappointed so far. I have been assisted by ious experts over the years, and each of them has been highly professional and managed not only to help clients when they have needed technical assistance, but also gave valuable advice on saving or financing.

Vasil Iliev


Frequently asked questions

You need to request your preferred current account and fill in the contact form.

Then download the Evrotrust app from the Apple Store or Google Play. Sign up with your details (Personal ID No, telephone, e-mail). Identify yourself with an ID document (Personal ID card or passport). After providing your identification details, you will be sent your ProCredit Bank account opening agreement for signature.

ProCredit Bank deals with natural persons entirely online. There is no need to visit a Bank office in order to open an account.

If you are already a client of ProCredit Bank, you can open a new account via the Prob@nking Internet banking app, Accounts & Savings menu and + New Current Account button. It will take you a maximum of 5 minutes and there is no need to sign any documents.

ProCredit Bank gives you the opportunity to open an account in BGN, EUR and USD.

ProCredit Bank’s internet banking – Prob@nking – allows you to track your account movements 24/7. Registration is completely free and takes place when you open your first account with the Bank.

Prob@nking has an adaptive design – it is easy and convenient to use on all devices – laptop, tablet or phone.

FlexSave is our savings account. A savings account is opened with every current account and allows you to set aside the amount you want, and then use it whenever you need it at no cost. It also gives you a good yield and the interest is paid monthly into your current account.

FlexFund is a consumer overdraft product. It is available for all clients whose salary is paid directly into ProCredit Bank and is linked automatically to your current account. The maximum limit is determined at the time you sign your contract and depends on your monthly salary. Interest is 9.00% per annum and is charged only on the amount drawn down.

Thanks to FlexFund, you have access to extra funds that you can use if you need them. And if you don’t use them – you don’t pay any fees or interest.