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Loans to agricultural producers

Loans to agricultural producers


We know that agricultural work requires a special approach that takes the agricultural cycle and the seasonal character of the business into account. Whether you need to finance the preparations for the upcoming season, or you want in invest in land and agricultural equipment, ProCredit Bank is here to support you.

ProCredit Bank provides customised loans designed to meet farmers’ needs for working capital and investments.

Loan purpose:

  • Purchase seeds, fertilisers, animal feed, etc. and pay for fuels
  • Purchase agricultural machines and equipment
  • Build or purchase facilities or warehouses
  • Purchase agricultural land


Pledge of subsidies for specific measures and direct payment schemes



  • Long-term solution: 5-year framework agreement with the possibility to use various types of loans
  • Loan is automatically repaid when the subsidy is transferred - no early repayment fee
  • Lower costs as collateral is only registered once
  • No certificate for the requested subsidy is required in order to access the funds 

Loan purpose
Purchase agricultural land


  • Mortgage on your property or newly-acquired land
  • Mortgage on other real estate


  • Long-term solution: a limit is fixed with the possibility of accessing funds more than once to purchase land
  • Lower costs as collateral is only registered once
  • Collateral can be registered in parts when purchasing land
  • Quick and easy approval process - no additional documentation required in order to use funds from an approved limit
  • Low costs - interest is only calculated for the loan amount used