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Green Investment loan


The Green Investment Loan is our way of supporting sustainable investments of small and medium-sized enterprises to create environmentally friendly and socially responsible businesses. That is why we offer preferential terms, expressed in a 0.2% interest rate discount, for any investment that meets our science-based criteria. Our methodology is described in the ProCredit Green Bond*, and in summary allows the following projects:

1. Energy efficiency – reducing energy consumption while maintaining or increasing production levels. Based on machine performance calculations, we are searching for at least 20% higher efficiency relative to the machine to be replaced in the plant, or 20% more efficient relative to alternative new models currently on sale in the country.

Such projects could be:

  • Various types of production machinery and equipment (CNC machines, assembly lines, ovens, furnaces, compressors, etc.).
  • Heating, ventilation and cooling systems. Boilers and heaters, air conditioners, refrigeration and freezing chambers, centralized ventilation systems.
  • Building control systems, control systems for lighting, automation.
  • Improvements to building insulation or windows - new windows, new or additional insulation.
  • Transport or agricultural equipment - tractors, harvesters, drip irrigation systems, sprayers, etc.
  • Electric vehicles and charging infrastructure.

2. Renewable energy – for the production and/or use of energy resources that are inexhaustible or can be renewed rapidly.

Examples of such investments are:

  • Solar photovoltaic panels or solar hot water collectors.
  • Solutions using geothermal energy for heating and cooling.
  • Biomass and biogas energy systems.
  • Hydropower plants or wind turbines, after ESIA done according to the Bank's criteria.

3. Environmentally friendly measures – have a direct positive effect on nature and resource conservation.

Such activities and investments can be:

  • Recycling and waste management (excluding landfills) - working capital for enterprises with such core activity or investment loan for the purchase of machinery with such activity.
  • Water treatment facilities - filters, water treatment plants, etc.
  • Bio products - the measure may include working capital, certification costs and costs for new machinery to change the way soil is treated.
  • Afforestation, reclamation of disturbed land, etc.
  • Investments and activities clearly linked to the circular economy, where 100% of the resources used are already recycled.
  • Contractors, auditors and others associated with providing services in this area can be funded with working capital.

Additionally, we offer specialized loans for green investments:

-  EcoMobility Loan for the purchase of an electric car

-  Loan for photovoltaic installation for business and home

-  Loan for the purchase of charging station for electric vehicles

* ProCredit Holding's Green Bond is structured following the Green Bond Principles and positively validated by an external assessor - Sustainalytics.

Annually, all ProCredit Bank Bulgaria employees participate in training on responsible lending, environment awareness and solutions available through green investments. Since 2013, all front-office employees participate in an additional 2 times per year training on how to recognize, communicate and drive the implementation of environmentally friendly solutions with our business customers.

The Bank has in-house engineering staff in the Environmental management department, who make the necessary judgments about the effectiveness of specific investments. For all investments with clear quantitative indicators, carbon (CO2) emission savings are also calculated.

For most eligible items, the criteria are aligned with the technical criteria of the European Taxonomy. Also with the criteria of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the European Investment Fund (EIF), the European Investment Bank (EIB) and others.