Young Bankers Programme

The Young Bankers Programme arose from the ProCredit group’s desire to continually build teams of committed and motivated professionals at each of the ProCredit banks. Your successful completion of the programme is your opportunity to join our team.

The programme offers intensive six-month training in banking, finance, development, environment, globalisation, mathematics and accounting, as well as courses in communication and analytical thinking.

With this training programme, we aim to introduce the participants to our business philosophy and to the principles of responsible banking which we follow in our daily work. During the six-month training, we try to identify the participants who share our values and are ready for long-term development with us.

The programme includes:

  • essential theoretical training conducted in Sofia via discussions, case studies, role-plays and self-study projects
  • on-the-job training at our branch offices throughout the country
  • regular feedback on the performance of each participant
  • a monthly stipend, adjustable for candidates with experience
  • accommodation provided by the bank free of charge
  • transport and accommodation allowance for on-the-job training outside of Sofia

Participants who successfully complete the six-month training programme may be offered an employment contract with the bank. However, neither the bank nor the programme participants are under any legal obligation to enter into an employment contract.

The Young Bankers Programme is looking for candidates who wish to work and develop personally and professionally within the ProCredit group and who:

  • have banking or other work experience
  • are recent university graduates, regardless of the university or degree

Knowledge of English is an advantage.

You can find information on how to apply in the Selection Process submenu of the Human Resources section.

  • Full participation and a responsible approach to training and completing assignments
  • Desire to learn and implement the training in practice
  • Professional performance which goes beyond merely meeting targets
  • Ability to work as part of a team and get along with others
  • Willingness to communicate openly and listen to others while being able to explain and justify one’s own point of view
  • Mandatory full-time attendance during the entire programme
  • Readiness to live in accommodation provided by the bank for the full duration of the programme, and to travel to and work in different cities in Bulgaria

ProCredit Bank may at any time terminate the programme for those participants whose performance is deemed to be unsatisfactory. The notification period of a termination is two weeks.

Kristian Durjev
Senior Business Client Adviser - Small Clients

"I have a vivid memory of each stage of the selection process. During the phone conversation, the entire selection process was clearly outlined, as were the bank’s expectations of me.
When I looked at the sample mathematics tests on the bank’s website, I didn’t find them to be very difficult, but I was still able to spot some of my own weaknesses. During the group discussions, I encountered many different viewpoints. Immediately afterwards, I received feedback on my performance and was told what I could improve upon.
The individual interview took the form of a conversation in which we discussed real-work situations and how I would react given the specific circumstances.
What was most important to me was the realisation that after having been a part of the whole process, I was still convinced that I wanted to be part of ProCredit Bank."


Liliana Kirilova
Senior Business Client Adviser - Small Clients

"In my opinion, a major advantage of the Young Bankers Programme is the fact that theory is combined with projects and practical exercises. The instructors are easy to understand and provide useful, easy-to-remember and practical information. The training at the bank branches helped us to experience the day-to-day work environment and to apply what we have learned."