Young Bankers Programme

ProCredit Bank has established a reputation of a serious and responsible employer. We care for our employees and treat job candidates with respect and openness. We believe that respect should be mutual and expect of the people applying for jobs with us to show a serious attitude for their future. The careful choice of a future employer, the knowledge of the company’s business, potential and goals are an important prerequisite to a successful professional development in the future. 

The Young Bankers Programme allows our future employees to get to know us better as an institution, to learn more about our business philosophy, approach towards our clients and the principles we respect in our daily work.

The Young Bankers Programme consists of:

Since 2011 to present, 225 people (in 11 groups) have participated in the Young Bankers Programme, of which 144 have been given a job offer after succcessful complete of the Programme. 

  • A theoretical module in the form of discussion sessions with experts and managers of the bank, real-life case studies, role play, projects and presentations. It takes place at ProCredit Bank’s Training Centre.
  • A practical module when the participants in the programme get acquainted with the main responsibilities of the bank experts who work at the branch network of ProCredit Bank. It is conducted at our bank offices all over the country.


Young Bankers Programme is successfully run in Bulgaria for the third year now, as in 2014 it became joint programme for the first time. Candidates from other countries, such as Georgia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Romania, have been also participants in the latest editions and the Programme is held in English.

All participants are paid a monthly stipend for the time of the Programme. In addition, the bank covers all accommodation costs while at the Training Centre in Sofia, and the accommodation and transportation costs during practices.

Young Bankers Programme may be the beginning of a successful professional carrier at ProCredit Bank. Participants who successfully complete the Programme may be offered an opportunity to join the bank’s team.

At all times ProCredit Bank may terminate the Programme for participants who show unsatisfactory performance.

   Theoretical module    

at the     

     Training center in Sofia     


     Society and business

     Sustainable development

     Time value of money                                        


     Globalization and environment

     Banking system

     Business and private clients

     Financial analysis

     Financial crisis


Practical module    

at the branch network     

   all over the country     

     The participants get acquainted with the work of the bank experts                  

     at the branch network



The Young Bankers Programme is looking for candidates who wish to work and develop professionally in a responsible and development-oriented bank. No matter what the field of your diploma or your university is, or your past work experience, you make a good candidate if you meet the following requirements:

  • You wish to have a long-term professional development with ProCredit Bank
  • You are interested to work in an international company and collaborate with people from other countries
  • Desire to learn and implement the training in practice
  • Professional performance which goes beyond merely meeting targets
  • Ability to work as part of a team and get along with others
  • Willingness to communicate openly and listen to others while being able to explain and justify one’s own point of view
  • Mandatory full-time attendance during the entire programme
  • You have a good level of English

Mirem Efendi, graduated Finance in the University of Economics - Varna
Expert Banking Services, Plovdiv-Maria Luisa

Young Bankers Programme is the right place for enthusiastic people who wish to demonstrate and upgrade their qualities. All practical assignments and group projects urged us to become more resourceful, inquisitive and committed to everything that was happening at the bank.

It was challenging for us, all different personalities of different personal qualities, to learn to work together as a team. You cannot learn that at the university, and neither can you at school.

I remember the time in the Programme for the many positive emotions, and the friendships we made that will certainly last."

Pavlina Paskova, graduated HR Management in the University of National and World Economy - Sofia
Business Client Adviser-Very Small Clients

„What made the Programme unique was the smooth transition from the student bank to a future job. We were provoked to think out of the box and leave our zones of comfort.

The Programme gave me the opportunity to travel a lot and make contacts with colleagues all over Bulgaria. I can see the benefits from the client meetings I attended during the Programme today that I already have a job at the bank. Now I work as a Business Client Adviser and my job is mainly to hold meetings with many different people. I am glad that the Programme prepared me for what was to follow."

Nikolay Zagorchev, graduated Marketing in the Plovdiv University
Expert Banking Services, Sofia-Todor Alexandrov

Young Bankers Programme allows its participants to get acquainted with the institution from the inside before actually starting a job with it. You learn the objectives and the policy of the institution you are at.

The different modules provide different experiences, perspectives, and the chance to meet different characters. The bank experts show you how things work in practice."



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