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Changes in the Price list and the Interest Bulletin as of 01 June 2021


Dear clients,

We would like to inform you that the following changes in the Price Lists and the Interest Rate Bulletin are coming into force:


 I.       Price List for Legal entities

      1. As of 01.06.2021 the Fee for storage of funds is changing as follows::

  • Fee for storage of funds on current and FlexSave accounts for clients with a total daily balance above BGN 1 million - 0.7% per annum (due daily on the excess amount).


   II.   Price List for Private clients

      1. As of 01.08.2021 there are changes in New Passive current account as follows:

  • 3 free cash withdrawals at other domestic banks’ ATMs per month – not available;
  • Cash withdrawals at ATMs of other banks in Bulgaria and countries in the EEA – BGN 1.5.


      2. As of 01.08.2021 will be introduced a fee for storage of funds as follows:

  • Fee for storage of funds with a total daily balance of current and FlexSave accounts over BGN 3 million – 0.7% per annum (due daily on the excess amount)..

          No interest will be paid on FlexSave accounts when the fee is charged.

    III.    Interest Rate Bulletin for Private clients

          As of 01.08.2021 the following changes are coming into force:

       1. FlexSave account - the interest rate changes on an annual basis to 0.02% in the respective currency.

       2. Term deposit – the interest rates on term deposits are changing as follows:


Min. balance

12 months

24 months

36 months


5 000




For current term deposits the change takes effect from the first maturity date after 01.08.2021.


ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) EAD