Housing Loan "New Home"

Housing Loan "New Home"

If you have already taken the decision to buy or build a home for your family and you, New Home loan is exactly for you.

We at ProCredit Bank understand that buying a home is an important step and we are going to be there for you at all stages of this process.


Our Advantages:

  • a fixed interest rate for the first 10 years to ensure yourself peace of mind and to plan your costs in the long term
  • preliminary approval - you get an approval for a loan and then you can choose your home freely and calmly
  • аdditional financing, if your new home needs energy efficiency improvements.


Maximum financing Up to 80% of market value of the property used as collateral
Currency BGN or EUR
Loan period Up to 240 months
Application processing fee BGN 150
Creditworthiness assessment fee BGN 150
Disbursement fee Free of charge
Early repayment fee (full/partial)

1% if the repayment takes place within the first 12 months;
Free of charge if the repayment takes place after the 12th month.

Management fee Free of charge
Fee for change of the loan conditions 0.50% over the amount due (min. 50, max. 500 currency units)
Interest rate

Floating interest rate or

Fixed interest rate for the first 10 years period, according to our Interest Bulletin


Mortgage on newly purchased real estate, or other real estate

Choose between:

  • Responsibility with all properties
  • Responsibility only with collateral established
Collateral valuation fee Please see the  Bank's price list 
Fees related to issuance of documents for registration/deletion of mortgage Please see the  Bank's price list
Other conditions

The age of the borrower may not exceed 65 years before maturity of the loan

More information Information Sheet


Loan amount EUR 50 000
Loan period  15 years
Annual interest rate in the case of salary transfer in the Bank min 2.25%**, 6-month EURIBOR and a surplus 2.25%
Equal monthly installment for the first 6 months EUR 328.31
Total amount due (principal, interest and fees) EUR 60 760.97*
Annual percentage rate (APR) 2.73%*


* With all fees and commissions due included (incl. one-time collateral valuation fee /apartment/, application processing fee, creditworthiness assessment fee, fees related to issuance of documents for registration/deletion of mortgage, yearly property insurance fee, a monthly account maintenance fee and fee for opening of an account).
** For borrowers with a monthly income above BGN 3 000.


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