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The ProCredit banks in our region donate EUR 600,000 for the flood-affected parts of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

May 23, 2014

“Neighbour toNeighbour” – Initiative started by ProCredit banks.

The ProCredit banks in Bulgaria, Kosovo, Romania, Macedonia and Albania as well as the banks in BiH and Serbia decided to establish a special fund and to donate a total amount of EUR 600,000 to provide aid to the affected regions. This money will be channelled through the “neighbour to neighbour” initiative set up by all six banks. The ProCredit banks in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Serbia will distribute the donated funds – in the form of the humanitarian aid, such as medical and hygienic support, water and food, supportive equipment and other necessities – to the affected areas.

“It is important that the help will arrive as quickly as possible and in a supportive and practical way. This is why we have started a range of initiatives. Financial support to the flood-affected regions is only one part of it”, says Svetlana Tolmaceva, Chairperson of the Executive Board of ProCredit Bank Serbia.

“We hope that the necessary aid will quickly reach those in need. We thank the other ProCredit banks for understanding the needs of the affected people. We intend to focus first on shortages in medical supplies” said Edin Hrnjica, member of the Management Board of ProCredit Bank Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Once the flooding has passed, the difficult task of repairing the damage awaits. This could take months, or even years. At this time we would therefore like to express our solidarity with our neighbours and offer our support by joining the Neighbour to Neighbour initiative”, says Emilia Tsareva, member of the Management Board of ProCredit Bank Bulgaria.