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Students are learning in renovated university halls courtesy of ProCredit Bank

December 10, 2014

Връчване на сертификат за дарение на оборудване и мебели, направено от ПроКредит Банк на Софийски университет

Since the start of this academic year, students from the economic and philosophy faculties at the Sofia University have had classes in completely renovated halls and rooms, equipped with modern computers and multimedia technology and new comfortable furniture. The university’s management has stated that these improvements, which were made possible by a contribution from ProCredit Bank, have significantly contributed to raising academic standards.

We are honoured to have your support. What you did in this hall is wonderful. Young people will now be able to acquire in-depth knowledge in a welcoming environment ,“ said Vice-Rector Milena Stefanova, before awarding Oleg Kuznetsov, Head of Marketing Department at ProCredit Bank, with a Certificate for Donation.

In addition to the renovation of academic halls, ProCredit Bank donated over 70 Bulgarian and international books to the two faculty libraries. The list of books was drawn up by the university to correspond to the needs of the students and to match the academic programme. The books will contribute to a better learning process for young philosophers and economists, as well as giving the more curious among them access to acclaimed and expensive publications, which not all libraries are able to afford.

As part of its co-operation with Sofia University, representatives from ProCredit Bank will attend various forums to discuss financial topics, as well as issues related to psychology, philosophy, sociology, the ethical norms in transparent relationships, responsibility and mutual trust.

ProCredit Bank’s staff includes employees who have various non-banking university degrees. With their different, often quite critical attitude, they have made significant contributions in the field of banking. This is why we firmly believe in relationships with universities and in communication with the students of various subjects, and not only with economists”, said Oleg Kuznetsov.

As part of its successful partnership with Bulgarian universities, ProCredit Bank plans to renovate halls at other universities during the academic year 2015-2016.