Protect Your Banking

ProCredit Bank undertakes a number of measures to protect your online transactions and your personal data. To this end we use the latest security software and apply numerous safety procedures.  

Nevertheless, your e-mail and your bank account could be attacked by various viruses or malicious software. That is why we urge you to install Trusteer Rapport to add another layer of protection to your banking transactions and your personal data.

Trusteer Rapport is an online instrument for protection against fraud. When installed, it creates a protective channel for a secure connection between your computer and the ProB@nking platform. 

For its clients, ProCredit Bank provides the complete version of Trusteer Rapport with all protections and periodic updates free of charge. This will enable you to have a protected connection and additional security for your accounts and personal data.

Trusteer Rapport is a global provider of online security and works with leading financial institutions worldwide to keep your banking safe. It currently has more than 13 million users, protecting them from cyber-based crime.

Trusteer Rapport identifies active viruses on your computer and builds a firewall around your banking session in order to prevent the viruses from penetrating the session and stealing your money or personal data.

  • The software works with your virus program to protect you from any existing threats.
  • It protects against malicious software and fraudulent web sites that aim to steal your bank account, password and other personal information.
  • It protects against viruses, which can falsify your transaction, while using the ProB@nking site.
  • It blocks malicious software which your antivirus program cannot identify and stops all attempts at interfering with your online banking.
  • It warns you if you visit a fake website which looks like the site of ProCredit Bank. 

Trusteer Rapport is fast and easy to install. Before installing it, you need to check whether it is compatible with your operating system and browser. You can check for compatibility here.


Step 1

  • 1.1. You can only install Trusteer Rapport after logging on to your profile in ProB@nking.
  • 1.2. The installation starts after you click on the "Download from here", button on the bottom right side of your screen.
  • 1.3. Follow the instructions in the dialogue boxes until the installation is complete.


The full version of Trusteer Rapport providing top level protection of your online ProCredit account can only be downloaded from the ProB@nking platform. Do not open e-mails, attached files or links to download the software. When you initiate the installation process on ProB@nking, you will be directed to the official site of IBM Trusteer. The installation process does not require additional submission of your personal data or your online banking information and does not require you to enter a TAN.


Please read the Installation Manual for Trusteer Rapport (366 KB). If the installation is unsuccessful, turn off the antivirus program and repeat the steps.


Step 2 

After successful installation, the Trusteer Rapport icon will appear in the upper right corner of the address bar of your browser.

The icon is green if the site you wish to visit is protected   or grey if it is not. 


By installing IBM Security Trusteer Rapport you agree to the Terms of Trusteer. ProCredit Bank is not responsible for the content of the services related to the product. If you need additional information or have installation problems or other issues related to the software, please contact the Trusteer Support Center.

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