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ProCredit Bank with New Actual Offer for Pharmacies and Drugstores

March 2, 2012

The bank offer advantageous conditions for disbursing working capital to the pharmacies in the whole country.

In the beginning of March, ProCredit Bank started a campaign targeting the pharmacies and drugstores owners in the whole country. Especially for those clients the bank offers directed financing for working capital under a simplified disbursement procedure.

The pharmacies loans are disbursed in an amount up to BGN 60 000 or their equivalence in EUR. The bank gives the option the loan to be repaid on equal monthly payments or on a seasonable plan consistent with the company’s activity. The loans are being disbursed under a simplified procedure with a minimal amount of documentation and this gives the opportunity businesses to cover their working capital needs for purchasing medicines or medical cosmetics. In order to apply for a loan, pharmacy owners have to submit a filled loan application form, copy of their ID card and actual law status of the company.

The bank is obliged to come up with an answer of the application in terms of 3 days. The repayment period of the working capital loans is up to 3 years.

ProCredit Bank, being owned by German shareholders, has a wide branch network in the whole country. The bank focuses its services mainly on small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), a huge part of which pharmacies are. The new ProCredit Bank conditions for financing the pharmacies working capital needs are part of the bank’s aim to offer easy access for small entrepreneurs to quality banking services. 

ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) is part of an international group of 21 target group-oriented financial institutions. It focuses on developing countries and transition economies in three regions: Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa. ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) is established in October 2001 and offers bank products and services to small and medium-sized enterprises, large companies and individuals. Unlike other banks, our bank does not promote consumer loans. Instead we focus on responsible banking, by building a savings culture and long-term partnerships with our customers.