ProCredit Bank holds events for agricultural producers in Dobrich and Silistra

October 15, 2015

Two informational events for agro producers were organised by the Business Client Advisers in Dobrich and Silistra on October 13 and 14.

More than 40 grain producers from Dobrudza, half of whom could be potential clients of the bank, gathered in the Izida Hotel in Dobrich to learn more about the dynamics of grain markets and the expected prices for major agricultural crops. The topic was presented by Nikolay Valkanov, who is the manager of InteliAgro and has published over 100 articles about agriculture in leading periodicals in Bulgaria. He presented the factors affecting the prices of major cereals (wheat, corn, sunflower) along with the fluctuations in prices over the past five years, described how the characteristics of the Black Sea region impact the prices of grain, etc.

In Silistra, the event focussed on the prospects for the development of the fruit sector. The topic was presented by the same expert to nearly 40 agriculture clients. The main topics of interest were the dynamics of agricultural land and new plantings of cherries, peaches, apricots and plums in the country, as well as the outlook for production in the respective areas and the need to increase the value of production.

The participants had the opportunity to talk with the bank representatives about funding opportunities and to pose additional questions to the lecturer over a glass of wine after the presentation.