Our steps towards a cleaner environment

Just like any other company, ProCredit Bank also leaves an impact on the environment. This can be measured in the consumption levels of energy and water resources, as well as the amount of paper and other materials used in the bank’s daily operations. The condition of our offices, the effectiveness of the equipment we use and the efficiency of our vehicles also have an impact.

All banks in the ProCredit group have adopted environmental protection as part of their policy of social responsibility. ProCredit banks have a system for tracking and analysing the consumption of resources. The purpose of this system is to obtain a more accurate and complete picture of the effectiveness of our environmental measures, as well as to take cost-effective decisions to carry out changes/ improvements in the applied processes and technologies, leading to a reduction of the environmental footprint. Thanks to changes made in work processes together with technological improvements, ProCredit Bank has already achieved visible results.

Energy consumption

Over the last six years we have modernised our premises – highly efficient air-conditioning and building management systems have been introduced, insulation and lighting have been improved and updated. As a result of these innovations, the amount of energy consumed has fallen by 61%.

Paper consumption

Besides reducing the total amount of energy consumed, the majority of internal processes are now conducted and documented electronically. Clients are now offered a high level of service and innovative banking facilities using significantly fewer resources. Most of the working processes are carried out without using paper, if paperless data exchange is not applicable, it is limited to the minimum. These optimisations have reduced our paper consumption by 89%.

Apart from optimising its own internal processes, the bank is striving to persuade its clients to think and work this way too. We encourage them to use innovative technical solutions and to reduce the amount of paper and other resources they consume in their activities at work and at home.

It is important to us to be close to our clients. This requires frequent car usage. The bank has always used cars with low fuel consumption since the very beginning.

Fuel consumption

Today, we use 63% less fuel than in 2011.

As a further step towards reducing our environmental footprint, ProCredit Bank purchased 10 new electric vehicles in 2015. They are 100% powered by electricity. Replacing the bank’s vehicle fleet with zero-emission electric cars is intended to permanently reduce the negative impact on the environment. This purchase makes ProCredit Bank the first financial institution in Bulgaria to use such a high number of electric vehicles to facilitate the daily work of its Business Client Advisers. Read more about this initiative >>


At the end of June 2018 the Bank’s car fleet consists of 17 electric cars and additionally 6 new plug-in hybrids were purchased. Thus, the eco-cars of ProCredit Bank Bulgaria are 50% of the whole fleet. Realizing the benefits of these vehicles, in 2016 we developed a specialized loan aimed at the purchase of electric cars – “EcoMobility” loan.

Promoting this idea and recognizing the crucial importance of the concept of new mobility, ProCredit Bank was the general partner of the E-mobility event, which took place on 2 March 2018 in Sofia. Mr. Borislav Kostadinov, Member of the Managing Board of ProCredit Holding, presented the policy of ProCredit group for continuously limiting the environmental footprint of its activities.

Read more about the event

Greenhouse gases emissions

As a result of all the measures taken by ProCredit Bank Bulgaria to reduce the harmful impact on the environment, we have achieved a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. At the end of 2017, the amount of emitted carbon dioxide declined by 53 % compared to 2011. 

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