Ivailo Marinov: “I’ve increased quality while saving time and resources”

April 15, 2014

Another example of the successful application and implementation of new energy-efficient technologies is the company Denivex, which repairs car bodies. The company specialises in racing, retro and tuning cars. Its base – a paint shop – is located in Pernik and is equipped with a new energy-efficient spray painting chamber.

As a professional car painter with more than 16 years’ experience, Ivailo Marinov, owner of Denivex, has invested in building his own modern premises and equipped it with an energy-efficient painting chamber. This new acquisition saves energy while simultaneously protecting the environment and reducing the amount of hazardous gases entering the atmosphere. Denivex’s clients are individual customers and companies from Bulgaria and abroad – mainly Europe and America. The company has established good business relationships and its clients include an art and interior design studio and a company that provides power tuning. Ivailo Marinov tells us more about his new energy-efficient investment and about how it has helped improve quality.

You recently introduced some new equipment. What kind of equipment is it and why have you made this investment now?

I’ve been in this business for more than 16 years; once I built Denivex’s own base, I started working on my own. Three years ago I took my first loan from ProCredit Bank. I used it to build the metal hall of my paint shop. I was very clear that the entire project should be according to plan and that everything should be in order. I complied with the required distances from adjacent plots of land, with the specifications for the construction, and with all requirements to the building, etc. The project took me three years and then it was time to invest in new painting equipment.

I bought and installed this spray chamber. It’s hermetically sealed, so that nothing escapes during the painting process. Clean air enters the chamber from above and is filtered. During painting, paint also passes through several filters and through an extractor and is purified to avoid polluting the air. Because our clients have specialised needs, we only work with expensive materials and paints from established Dutch and German producers. We only use water-based paints, produced using new and modern technologies. This also reduces the risk of environmental pollution.

In order to finance the project, I turned to ProCredit Bank once again. At the beginning of the year I checked the conditions for a loan. We reached an agreement with the bank and they gave us the loan. Besides the chamber, I also invested in a compressor. I chose the model that best matches the requirements of my business and that offered a good price-quality ratio. The equipment also reduces the environmental impact of our activities. 

What has changed since you invested in the new chamber?

In order to meet the needs of my business, the chamber had to have specific parameters – it allows in a fixed amount of air: 25k m3 – and has two motors and a burner, which also save energy. Once the car is painted, the paint is heated. A burner in the chamber is turned on, which increases the temperature to 600C. The heaters then turn off automatically and the chamber maintains this temperature. Thus the facility saves twice as much energy which is very important for a business like mine. 

When cars are painted outside the chamber, the ambient temperature cannot be controlled. In the chamber, however, the ambient temperature can be adjusted precisely. Paints have certain technical specifications regarding their application, including the required ambient temperature. Such specifications must be adhered to in order to obtain the best possible results. Furthermore, the air outside is dusty. Dust sticks to the car surface, which then requires additional treatment, which is not efficient and also – equally important – contributes to pollution. Heating takes about 40 minutes. After an additional 30 minutes we take the car out, assemble it and it is ready. This leads to a greater capacity and cost effectiveness.

What matters more in your business – quality or efficiency?

We are not into mass production. Denivex services racing, retro and tuning cars. On more than one occasion we have had to work on a single car for two or three months. It is like making an entirely new car: we work on each detail until we achieve perfection.

I insist on quality, which is why I have specialised in services for these types of vehicles. And since I insist on quality, I cannot afford to paint an excessive number of vehicles. This spring, we were commissioned to work on vehicles belonging to a famous art and interior design studio. We also have very interesting orders for repairs to retro cars from the USA, as well as to tuning cars. We are currently working on the entire restoration of a 1966 Mercedes, brought from New Jersey, and we’re working on a racing car for a company that provides power tuning services. We paint the car and shape-up some elements, which is part of the preparation process for the vehicle’s next rally abroad.