Internet payment protection

The 3-D Secure code provides additional safety for online card payments. All cards issued by ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) EAD have this added security feature and are enrolled in the Verified by Visa programme.

The Verified by Visa logo should appear on the websites of participating retailers. These sites will require the 3-D Secure code to be entered when making online payments.

For internet merchants not participating in the Verified by Visa programme, no 3-D Secure code will be required.

For security reasons, the Bank has the right to decline card payments at certain Internet retailers which participate in the Verified by Visa programme but do not require entry of the 3-D Secure code.

Appropriate for all cards issued by ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) EAD

Cardholders should register by themselves when they make their first online payment to a merchant (retailer), participating in the Verified by Visa program.

For the already registered cardholders- the password is a 6 digit combination. It is automatically sent via SMS to the cardholders’ number. The password may be used only once for the specific payment requested.

Aim As an additional tool for protection and identification online, the 3-D Secure code is used to confirm secure online card payments to retailers participating in the Verified by Visa programme.
Fees Please see the Bank’s price list 
  • For currently registered cardholders:

           All currently registered cardholders with a static password will automatically be registered for a dynamic one.


  • For cardholders who haven’t used the 3D Secure code for internet payments yet:

          Registration can be completed while shopping. When making an online payment on a website with the Verified by Visa logo, you will be invited to register for the programme. The necessary steps for registration are as follows:

            - Respond correctly to two preliminary questions specified by ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) EAD
        - Upon successful identification, a new page will be loaded where you must enter the 3-D Secure code which you define.

          When finished registering and completing the payment, ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) EAD recommends that cardholders visit the Profile management section of the website, where they can register hint questions and personal messages to easily manage services and increase the level of security.