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  1. How can I register in ProBanking?
  2. What is the cost of a loan?
  3. Why should I have a current account and a card?
  4. How to choose a servicing bank?
  5. How do I access ProB@nking?
  6. Why should I have a current account and a card?
  7. How many types of bank cards are there?
  8. What is a current account?
  9. What the minimum technical requirements for the operating system and the browser I am using?
  10. How to choose the appropriate savings facility?
  11. What else are bank cards used for?
  12. What is the price of a loan?
  13. What do I do if I forget my user name and/or password?
  14. How do I get information about my account?
  15. How to choose the appropriate savings facility?
  16. How can I perform active operations (transfers) through ProB@nking?
  17. What kinds of deposits are there?
  18. What access rights are available in ProB@nking?
  19. What is the cost of a credit?
  20. Can more than one authorised persons operate online with the accounts?
  21. Which departments conduct the programme?
  22. Why are some transactions in “Movement and copy” tab marked with with status "Rejected"?
  23. What is the price for a call to Contact Centre?
  24. When is the is the deadline for application?
  25. Can more than one person sign a document?
  26. Are there any technical requirements for my phone in order to use Contact Centre?
  27. What degree do I need to have to be considered for the programme?
  28. Can I define limits for the authorised persons when they sign documents?
  29. When can I block a stolen or lost debit or credit card?
  30. Do you offer those who complete the ProCredit Entry Programme permanent positions?
  31. How do I connect to Contact Centre from abroad?
  32. Do I have to confirm every transaction with a separate tan code?
  33. Do I need to sign a contract to participate in the ProCredit Entry Programme and if so, what kind of contract is it?
  34. Can I begin working in my hometown?
  35. Is accommodation provided for participants who are not from Sofia?
  36. What should I do, if I enter the wrong password three times in a row and I am blocked from the Phone Banking system?
  37. How do I prepare for the mathematics and logic test?
  38. How can I block my card?
  39. Can I take part in the ProCredit Entry Programme in a city other than Sofia?
  40. How can I confirm a payment with an SMS code?
  41. What are the conditions of the stipend?
  42. How much time do I have to confirm a transfer with an SMS code?
  43. Why does a text message which contains a confirmation code also contain the amount and the account IBAN?