An instalment loan is suitable for sole proprietors, as well as for small and medium-sized enterprises planning to expand their activities, acquire new assets, or simply looking to finance their increased need for working capital. Instalment loans are one-time loans that are repaid according to a loan amortisation schedule prepared by one of our client advisers. Your involvement in the loan application and disbursement process enables you to decide when you receive the funds and also allows you to set the instalment amount that best suits your business needs and your repayment capacity.


For Working Capital:
  • Introduce new products
  • Finance working capital gaps due to delayed receivables
  • Finance payments to suppliers and subcontractors

For Investments:

  • Acquire or replace machinery, equipment and transportation vehicles
  • Acquire or build administrative, production and commercial buildings
  • Renovate administrative, production or commercial buildings
  • Based on a loan amortisation schedule of monthly instalments, including interest and principal
  • Seasonal businesses (such as agriculture or tourism) can opt for an individual loan amortisation schedule

Complete the following steps to apply:

  1. Contact our call centre at 0700 1 70 70 or complete our contact form and we will call you back
  2. Discuss the financing you would like to receive with our client advisers
  3. Submit a  Loan application form and provide the required documents.
  4. Tell us about your business
  5. We will respond within the time period indicated

 Application documents:

  • Completed  Loan application form
  • Copy of the business owner’s personal identification card
  • Copy of the company’s tax declaration, balance sheet and income statement
  • Documentation regarding the collateral presented

Do you have any questions or are you interested in applying?

   Call us at  0700 1 70 70At the price of one landline call

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