The Green Investment Loan is our way of supporting the efforts of small and medium-sized enterprises in the development of environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible businesses. Because these investments are not only aimed at developing a business, but also address the environmental problems we face today, Green Investment Loans are offered at preferential conditions. We have also developed a special methodology to assess the environmental impact of a business’ activities.

All legal entities, sole proprietors and freelancers are eligible to apply for Green Investment Loans, regardless of the sector and with no administrative limitations. This service is also available to those who are planning to invest in highly-efficient technologies, production plants and equipment, or materials which will reduce energy consumption and increase the quality of production.


  • High efficiency machinery and equipment
  • Equipment or materials that reduce energy consumption and increase quality and/or production capacity
  • Heating and ventilation systems
  • Transportation equipment
  • Hot water solar panels and thermo pumps
  • Residual material treatment facilities
  • Manure storage facilities
  • Organic production, etc.

Preferential Conditions:

  • Lower interest rate
  • No loan application fee
  • Disbursement and Management fees - 50% of the respective fees as listed in  the bank’s pricelist
  • Extended grace period - up to 9 months

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The Gigovi family
Managers of Archidea OOD

"We put a lot of effort into everything we do, which is why our family business is moving forwards. Our clients need to feel confident that we can add a fine touch to each and every detail - and deliver on time. In addition to motivation, this requires investment. With our new ventilation system and multi-functional machinery we have made our production process more effective and environmentally friendly, and have also improved our working environment. This means that we save time, as well as energy."

Archidea OOD produces a wide range of furniture, including for the home, commercial spaces, offices, banks, hotels, etc. In recent years, Archidea has invested in new production technologies, which have allowed it to boost production capacity and grow, while maintaining high levels of quality and also improving its working environment. Read more 



Petko Katzarov
Manager of Helios Milk OOD

“All of our production processes are thermal. We have installed a boiler and a heating system. Now, in order to make steam, we need less energy. The boiler is loaded automatically, which optimises the process. We have also bought an energy efficient clipping and vacuuming machine, cooling equipment and a gas forklift - all of which have reduced our production costs.”

Helios Milk is one of the few companies in the Burgas region that is active in food processing. In recent years, the company has invested in new technology and in the production of new and competitive products. In addition to supplying the Bulgarian market, Helios Milk exports to Romania. Read more 



Ivan Bakalov,
Manager of ET Malini 

"We produce organically. This is not only our business, but first and foremost it is our hobby. We believe that what we do should bring us pleasure. Plants sense when you give them love and do your best. It’s great to see something grow as a result of your work. That’s what motivates us to continue."

ET Malini specialises in the production and trade of certified organic raspberries. The company only uses organic fertilisers, thus keeping hazardous chemical substances out of the soil. The company is investing in more land for organic production and applies industry best practices with regard to the improved care of the land, plants and the environment. Read more 



Ivaylo Marinov
Manager of Denivex OOD

"If cars are painted outside the painting chamber, the precise painting temperature cannot be maintained. Also, the air outside contains dust. This necessitates additional processes, which is inefficient. And last but not least, more pollution is created. When I paint inside the chamber, after the coat has dried, the car is ready. This means greater efficiency, so it is economically better for us, and we also protect the environment."

Ivaylo Marinov has more than 16 years’ professional experience painting cars. Denivex’s clients are individuals and companies from Bulgaria, Europe and America. Mr Marinov has invested in the construction of a modern hall, and has equipped his facility with an energy-efficient painting chamber. Read more 



Svetozar Alexiev
Agricultural producer

If you want your farm to move ahead, you have to innovate. Achieving compliance with the Nitrogen Directive requirements was an important step. In milk production, protection of the environment and the sensible and environmentally-friendly treatment and utilisation of waste is of the highest importance. That is why we undertook this project - as well as to be more competitive. With the new equipment, our farm has become better organised and more efficient.

Svetozar Alexiev and his partner have more than 150 dairy cows on their farm in the village of Kaloyanovo. They have innovated by building a new manure storage facility, buying a new tractor and a liquid manure tank, and by carrying out major repairs to the farm building. Read more 


Nasko Bonchev,
Manager of ET Bonitrex

"During economic crises, sometimes the best thing to do is to invest. We decided to make a long-term investment in order to reduce our future costs. And you can see the results here. We now produce enough biogas to fully satisfy our own energy needs. It not only benefits us, but also the environment. And what is the formula for success? We are the first to arrive in the morning and the last to leave in the evening. There are no other secrets."

ET Bonitrex is a producer of dairy products. In 2012, the company invested in a water treatment facility for the residual water from production. The output of the new facility is biogas, which is then fed back into core production.




Milen Petkov, 
Manager of Panagjurishte-1962 Ltd.

"Heating has always been a significant cost. We thought we could optimise our consumption by achieving a maximum effect with minimal resources. The solution was our new energy-efficient building."

Panagjurishte-1962 OOD’s core business is the production and trade of bathrobes, towels, bed linens and blankets. In 2012, the company moved to a new energy-efficient production building equipped with an environmentally-friendly and highly-efficient heating and ventilation system. The heating system uses energy from solar panels installed on the roof, thus reducing the overall heating costs by half.


Eligible green investment projects are classified into three major categories:

1. Energy efficiency- Projects that reduce energy consumption while maintaining or improving production capacity:  

  • Various types of highly-efficient production machinery and equipment - CNC machines (lathes, cutters, etc.), conveyor production lines, presses, painting chambers, driers, furnaces, ovens, etc.
  • Heating, ventilation, cooling, and light systems - highly-efficient boilers and heaters, air conditioning systems, refrigerators and freezers, centralised ventilation systems, LED light and highly-efficient luminescent lamps, light control systems, biomass boilers, etc.
  • Improvements in the insulation and windows of buildings – new windows, new or additional insulation
  • Transportation vehicles or agricultural equipment - tractor units, tractors, combines, drip irrigation systems, sprayers, etc.
  • Hybrid and electric vehicles for business purposes

2. Renewable energygenerate and/or consume energy resources that are inexhaustible or that can be restored quickly

  • Solar panels to heat water for household applications
  • Heat pumps and complete geothermal energy solutions for heating and cooling applications
  • Energy production systems that use biomass and biogas
  • Water turbines
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Wind turbine generators (WTGs)

3. Measures of beneficial environmental impact

  • Recycling and waste management - enterprises in this field can apply for loans to finance working capital needs
  • Biological production - measures can also include financing certification costs
  • Residual material treatment facilities - filters, water treatment installations, manure storage facilities, etc.
  • Costal and earth retaining measures, afforestation and re-cultivation of damaged areas, etc.
  • Implementation of building management systems and systems to manage the energy consumption in production processes

Suppliers, auditors, and other parties providing services in this area can apply for loans to finance working capital for equipment and materials.

Complete the following steps to apply:

  1. Contact our call centre at 0700 1 70 70 or complete our contact form and we will call you back
  2. Discuss the financing you would like to receive with our client advisers
  3. Submit a  Loan application form and provide the required documents.
  4. Tell us about your business
  5. We will respond within the time period indicated

 Application documents:

  • Completed  Loan application form
  • Copy of the business owner’s personal identification card
  • Copy of the company’s tax declaration, balance sheet and income statement
  • Documentation regarding the collateral presented

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