Green Investment Loans

The Green investment loans are designed for companies who wish to invest in high-efficiency machines, facilities, equipment or materials aimed at reducing energy consumption and increasing the quality and capacity of their output.

Examples of eligible investment projects are:


Heating and ventilation systems
Transportation equipment
Solar water heating systems

    Heating pumps
Treatment/purifying  facilities
Manure storage facilities and other energy efficient equipment
Amount Minimum loan amount: BGN 20,000
Currency BGN, EUR
Borrowers Legal entities, sole traders, agricultural producers and self-employed persons 
Loan purpose
  • Investments
  • Working capital
Company has been
trading for
  • Agricultural producers: at least 1 economic year (1 agricultural economic cycle)
  • All other cases: at least 6 months 
Loan term At least 6 months
Equal monthly instalments or a seasonal repayment schedule
Utilisation Loan is deposited into a current account
  • Movable collateral
      - Transportation vehicles
      - Equipment: commercial and production
      - Goods
  • Guarantors Legal entities and/or physical persons
  • Real estate
  • Other collateral permitted by law
  • No application processing fee
  • Disbursement fee and management fee - 50% of the corresponding fees   Full Terms and Conditions
Period for loan approval Up to 3 business days from submission of the  Loan Application along with the other required documents and fee payments
Grace period Up to 9 months

All you have to do is:

  • Come to ProCredit Bank, present your personal ID card and complete a  Loan Application there
  • Prepare the required documents
  • Present your business to our bank expert
  • Wait for our response within the specified time

Required documents for the application:

  • A completed  Loan Application form
  • A copy of the company representative’s ID document
  • BULSTAT code/UIC (Unified Identification Code)

 Other required documents

  • Copies of your tax declaration, balance sheet and income statement for the latest reporting period 
  • Copies of any permits and licences related to the company’s activities (if required for the specific activity) 
  • Documents pertaining to collateral - notary deeds, invoices, certificates, insurance policies, etc. 
  • An offer from the supplier with the technical specifications for the equipment/project, and the purpose of the investment 
  • Certificate of presence/absence of tax liabilities for the loan applicant

Ivan Bakalov, Manager of ET Malini 

"We produce organic food. We care about the environment. What I do is not simply my business; it is also my hobby and my passion. Plants know it when one gives them love and does one’s best. The main reason I chose to go into agriculture is that I enjoy seeing that something has been brought to life as a result of my efforts. This gives me the energy and motivation to go on developing the business."
ET Malini produces and sells certified organic raspberries. Only organic fertilisers are used, which protects the soil from contamination by hazardous chemical substances.  The company is investing in expanding its land for organic production and implements best practices with respect to the soil, plants and the environment. 


Nasko Bonchev, Manager of ET Bonitrex

"We made this investment in a moment of crisis, with a view to the long term, in order to reduce our costs in the future. The investment will have positive effects on our production as well as on the environment. As a result of the investment, we now produce biogas in quantities that are sufficient to meet our energy needs. Quality is our top priority. We are the first ones to arrive here in the morning and the last to leave in the evening. This is how it works."
ET Bonitrex makes dairy products. In 2012 the company invested in a water treatment facility that purifies the wastewater from the production process. The residual water is treated and biogas is obtained as a by-product, which is then used in the core production processes.

Milen Petkov, Manager of Panagjurishte-1962 Ltd.

"Heating is a very significant item in our costs. To achieve optimisation, i.e. maximum output from minimal resources, we decided to focus on energy efficiency when designing our building."
Panagjurishte-1962 Ltd. produces and sells bath robes, towels, bed linens and blankets. In 2012 the company moved to a new energy-efficient production facility equipped with an environmentally-friendly and highly efficient heating and ventilation system.  The heating system is powered by solar panels installed on the roof, instead of by electric power, resulting in electricity bills that are two times lower. 

There are three main categories of Green Investment Loans:

1. Energy efficiency projects - projects that lead to lowered energy consumption and the same or an increased level of output. Examples of such investments include:  

  • All types of highly efficient production machines and equipment - CNC machines (lathes, cutters, etc.), production lines, presses, dyeing chambers and dryers, furnaces, ovens, etc.
  • Heating, ventilation, cooling and lighting systems - high-efficiency boilers and heaters, air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers, centralised ventilation systems, LED lighting and high-efficiency luminescent lamps, lighting control, etc.

2. Renewable energy projects for production and/or use of energy sources that are inexhaustible or that can be rapidly renewed. Examples of such investments include

  • Solar water heating systems for commercial purposes
  • Pumps and complete solutions using geothermal energy for heating and cooling
  • Systems for the production of energy from biomass and biogas
  • Water turbines
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Wind generators

3. Measures that have a direct positive effect on the environment and conserve resources

  • Recycling and waste management - companies with these core activities can be financed with working capital.
  • Organic production, including financing for working capital and certification costs
  • Treatment/purifying facilities - filter systems, wastewater treatment, manure storage, etc.
  • Embankments and earth retaining measures, afforestation, land restoration, etc.
  • The introduction of systems for building management and for managing the energy consumption of production processes
  • Suppliers who provide services in this area can be funded with working capital for equipment and materials

As part of our efforts to support the development of small and medium enterprises in a way that conforms to the principles of sustainability and environmental protection, ProCredit Bank has developed a special Green Investment Loan.

Assessing each investment project with its own specially developed methodology, ProCredit Bank offers preferential conditions to environmentally and socially responsible businesses.