Deposit Safes

ProCredit Bank is gradually installing deposit safes in its self-service areas. You can deposit larger cash amounts – such as the daily takings from your business, cash proceeds from business transactions, etc. – at any time, even outside the bank’s regular opening hours. The service enables you to deposit amounts quickly and easily without waiting to be served or for a bank teller to count the cash you would like to pay into your account. 


  • You can pay amounts into your ProCredit Bank account quickly and conveniently
  • Larger amounts can be deposited – between BGN 3,000 and BGN 50,000 or its equivalence in EUR and USD
  • The fee you pay for this service is lower than for paying the money in at the cash desk at the bank’s premises.

*Deposit safes can only be used to deposit Bulgarian Lev banknotes.

*Deposit limit per day BGN 50,000 or its equivalence in EUR and USD.

Instructions for use

  • Swipe your card at the device’s card reader
  • Open the safe door and put in the cash, which you have packed and listed in advance
  • Close the door and it is all done!