Current accounts are suitable for regular, day-to-day banking services, and for receiving and making regular payments/transactions from/to your partners in the country and abroad.

A current account guarantees that your money is safe, because you do not have to carry cash with you in order to make payments.


In addition, when you open a current account, you will also receive a FlexSave account.

  Account in BGN Account in EUR
Account opening free of charge free of charge
Minimum balance BGN 250 EUR 125 
Monthly maintenance fee




BGN 25




EUR 12.50

Issuance of an International debit card Visa Business Electron 
 FlexSave account
Internet banking ProB@nking


All other transactions are charged according to the  Bank's price list


For Legal entities, registered in the Trade register 

Application form  Application form  completed in the presence of an officer of the bank by the person(s) responsible for the funds in the account;
Power of attorney Powers of attorney for those person(s) who are not listed in the court documentation, but who will be able to access the funds in the account 
    (a) Power of attorney certified by a notary public 
    (b) Power of attorney for disposal signed by an authorised person in the presence of an officer of the Bank
Identity cards Identity cards or other legally acceptable identification documents
For Legal entities, registered in the Court
  • Contract of incorporation (Statutes, By-Laws, etc.);
  • Protocol from the Incorporation meeting;
  • Latest court documentation;
  • Certificate of current legal status (not older than six months);
  • BULSTAT registration.

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