Cash Deposit Terminal

All ProCredit Bank branches are equipped with cash deposit terminals, which can be used to pay in amounts of up to BGN 3,000. At the terminal you can pay cash into your personal and business accounts, regardless of the currency. If you pay BGN into a foreign currency account, the amount will be converted at the bank’s exchange rate for that day and then credited to your account. 

  • You can pay cash into your ProCredit Bank account quickly and conveniently;
  • Save time - no more standing in line to be served at the counter.
*Our cash deposit terminals accept leva banknotes with face values of BGN 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100. Deposit limit per day BGN 3,000.

Instructions for use:

  • Type in the last 10 digits of your bank account number and your full name;
  • Then feed the banknotes into the machine, one by one, and take the printout.

Our cash deposit terminals are at your disposal at all branches of ProCredit Bank.


1. When is the money actually credited to the account?

Cash deposits are credited to the relevant bank account immediately and the money is there for you to make further operations.

2. Is a current account the only type of account I can pay into using a cash terminal?

At a cash deposit terminal you can pay cash into current and savings accounts held by individuals and legal entities.

3. Can I pay levas into a foreign currency account?

You can pay BGN into accounts maintained in foreign currencies. In this case the amount in BGN will be converted into the account currency at the bank’s exchange rate for that day.

4. What do I need in order to make a cash deposit?    

All you need is to know the last 10 digits of the number of the bank account you would like to credit. If you don’t have this information, please ask one of our bank officers to provide it to you.