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A Criminal Group Dealing with Withdrawing Money from Somebody Else’s Bank Cards Was Arrested after a Signal from ProCredit Bank at the Moment of Transactions.

April 27, 2012

During a campaign of “Computer crime, intellectual property and hazard” – MDFOC and its local subdivision in Russe, after a signal from ProCredit Bank two persons were arrested while trying to withdraw resources from somebody else’s bank cards, gained after an Internet fraud. The operation was held in the beginning of the week after a signal from ProCredit Bank employees for resources transferred in the bank gained after a fraud.

The fraud scheme lasted for several months, where deceivers used lapses in the system for Internet transactions and made transfers from abroad to accounts of laid persons in Bulgarian banks. After that the resources were withdrawn in cash by those laid persons and they were given a small amount of money by the organizers of the crime scheme.

After the bank employees noticed the money transfers with unknown origin, they informed the authorities dealing with organized crime. During the campaign, which started in the beginning of the week, police officers arrested two persons – S. U. (25 y.o.)  and A.M. (30 y.o.) in the bank branch in Russe, while they were trying to withdraw EUR 18 345. Those two persons were arrested and the police are still looking for the organizers of the scheme. Prejudicial investigation for money laundering is being conducted.

ProCredit Bank actively collaborates with the MIA authorities dealing with organized crime and in particular with those departments, responsible for Internet frauds, bank crime, etc.

ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) is part of an international group of 21 target group-oriented financial institutions. It focuses on developing countries and transition economies in three regions: Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa. ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) is established in October 2001 and offers bank products and services to small and medium-sized enterprises, large companies and individuals. Unlike other banks, our bank does not promote consumer loans. Instead we focus on responsible banking, by building a savings culture and long-term partnerships with our customers.