FlexSave Account

A FlexSave account allows you to manage your savings independently through your current account using ProCredit Bank’s Internet banking platform - ProB@nking.

The funds in FlexSave give you additional security and can be used for planned future investments or for emergency needs. 

  •  The account is opened together with a current account in the respective currency;
  •  Interest Rates: 0.25% for companies; 0.50% for private clients;
  •  Currency - BGN and/or EUR;  
  •  Minimum balance - not required;  
  •  Term - indefinite;
  •  Bank charges - no initial or monthly maintenance fees;
  •  Interest - accrued each month and paid into your current account. The quoted interest rates are on an annual basis and on a 365/360 accrual basis.


  •  Profitability and flexibility - earn interest, use the funds when you need them;
  •  Transfer money at any time between your current account and FlexSave account;
  •  Manage your finances remotely with ProCredit Bank’s secure Internet banking system.


If you are a registered user of the bank's online banking platform, you can open your FlexSave account via - ProB@nking.

For more information, please Contact Us.

Your savings up to BGN 196,000 are guaranteed by the Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund (BDIF)